Carpenter Tools

If you’re planning on making woodworking your hobby, you will need to invest some money into various carpenter tools. Here are some tools based on numerous years of experience as a professional carpenter in Malaysia.

Circular Saw or Table Saw

Either saw is adequate, however, a Table Saw is better if you are planning on doing lots of woodworking projects. It is superior for angle cuts. The Circular Saw is good to have as well, sense it is more portable.

Corded or Cordless Drill

Having a drill is great for both drilling holes and driving in screws. You don’t need the best cordless drill for most projects, but I would get at least an 18v Cordless Drill or a corded drill. You may also want to invest in a cordless drill charger to keep your battery charged. You will also want to get some different drill bits like wood drill bits, a flexible drill bit, long drill bits, and a carbide drill bit. Drill bit sharpeners could be helpful in keeping your bits sharp. You can get several drill bit sizes when you buy a drill bit set.


You could get an orbital sander or just a hand sander. With either, you will need some sand paper strips. There are several different grains of sand paper to choose from.


This is essential unless you are going to use screws only. Any good hammer will do.


This is important for many woodworking projects. It is good to work from a level surface whether you are building a floor, table, or something else.

Carpenters Square – This allows you to make straight cuts as it will make your lines straight.

Tape Measure

You need this to measure for your cuts. They always say, measure twice, cut once.

Tool Box or Chest

You can get a small tool box or maybe you would prefer a rolling tool chest. Either way, you need something to hold your tools.


This is only necessary if you want to have a nice finish on your edges. This can really make a project look nice and more professionally done. You will need several router bits as well.

There are also many other tools you can get, however, these will help you get started with your new woodworking hobby.

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