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Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinet Service in Malaysia

Last 3 months, we delivered 18 sets of custom-made hardwood and solid wood wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and bed frame.

And all of them are being built using either hardwood or solid wood.

Why we use solid hardwood? And not laminate material such as melamine?

Firstly, laminate material is widely used in kitchen cabinet because it is the low-cost alternative to wood. It still able to hold up heavy use of the average kitchen.

However, when it comes to durability, aesthetic quality and strength, solid hardwood is our number 1 choice.

If you are looking for a high-quality kitchen cabinet that stands out from the crowd, you should choose a solid hardwood kitchen cabinet Malaysia contractor to help you.

Quick Facts About Us

  • We served 2260 happy customers since 2005 in Malaysia
  • Last 3 months, we delivered  18 sets of custom-made wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and bed frame
  • Guarantee follow up services within 7 days.
  • Our lead carpenter accumulated more than 20 years of experience.
  • We start from 3 people grow to 12 people today
  • We only use hardwood and solid wood which is at least 2 times stronger than laminated wood in our work.

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Top 5 Reasons to choose Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Elegant & Stylish Quality

Solid hardwood kitchen cabinets can give us a warm and inviting atmosphere. There is various type of wood species, spectrum and colours to companion any theme or style that suits your needs.


Solid wood is a flexible material; it can be easily carved and moulded into a variety of sizes and shapes. You can install your kitchen cabinet according to your creative vision and exact specifications.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Laminate material consists of wax, glue, and resins which may release unpleasant substances into the air. This may cause poor indoor air quality that can increase bronchial problem such as asthma. Furthermore, the chemicals used to built these kitchen cabinets have a terrible environmental impact.


Firstly, solid hardwood is at least 2 times stronger compared to laminate material. Laminate cabinets are vulnerable to water and humidity, especially for Malaysia's weather. On the other hand, solid hardwood kitchen cabinets do not hold moisture. It usually lasts for more than 10 years depends on the actual usage.

Increase your property value

Solid wood kitchen cabinets give you a stronger selling point once you plan to sell your home. A kitchen is one of the essential factors to attract a buyer. An elegant wood kitchen cabinets can give you a significant advantage over others.


If you are looking for brand new kitchen cabinets, a solid hardwood kitchen cabinet is highly recommended.


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    Different Types and Designs

    As a leading kitchen cabinet Malaysia homeowners trust, we can offer you a wide range of design options for both the kitchen cabinets and counters. From simple designs to update your home or innovative solutions for cramped spaces, we do it all..

    Hanging Cabinets

    These are ideal in a kitchen as both a design feature and to add extra storage space. Choose elegant glass-fronted cabinets for a more open look, natural wood for a rustic look or laminated fronts for a contemporary style.

    We can help you design your kitchen with the perfect flow. We can build your cabinets to incorporate your appliances for a completely seamless look.

    Under-Counter Cabinets

    When you’re revamping your kitchen, it’s easy to get caught up in relatively small details and forget the more important things. You might love choosing the perfect granite countertop and finish on the cabinets, but it’s not much fun thinking about the actual logistics.

    For example, a granite countertop is extremely heavy and must be supported properly. Leave the boring stuff to us. We’ll ensure that your under-counter cabinets have the storage that you want and that they will provide a firm base for that beautiful countertop.

    Stand-Alone Kitchen Cabinets and Islands

    Sometimes your kitchen only needs a well-placed island to finish it off. Or maybe you need a standalone cupboard so that your larger cleaning tools have a place to call home. Either way, we have you covered. You tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll design the perfect accent to your kitchen for you.

    Repair services

    Maybe the cabinets themselves are still in reasonable condition. Maybe it’s just a case of the finish looking a little beaten up or scuffed. Sometimes, a hinge may pop out or a supporting strut might break.

    Give us a call, and we can help you repair your existing cabinets. We offer full repair and refinishing services. These are ideal if you already have the perfect design and good cabinetry that is just in need of a little TLC.

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    What are the benefits of custom build kitchen cabinet? 😌

    Custom cabinets let you bring your own design to life. It also makes sure that every part has a function and enables you to build something that your home truly needs.

    How much does it cost for a custom kitchen cabinet in Malaysia? 🇲🇾

    It depends on the materials used and the size of the cabinet you would like. You can ask for a free quotation from us.

    Why choose Carpenter Lane? ☑️

    We have a keen eye for modern designs. We are also one of the most recommended carpenters in Malaysia due to our dedication to excellence.

    What type of material is suitable for kitchen cabinet?

    The common material used is solid wood, but laminates, PVC, and wood veneers can also be used.

    Why is the plywood kitchen cabinet expensive?

    Plywood is considered as a high-end material. It is strong and durable and can resist moisture, making sure that your cabinet will last a long time.

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