Tips for Finding Reliable Carpenters Online

Booking For Carpentry Services Online
April 10, 2019

Tips for Finding Reliable Carpenters Online

Skilled work and services are among those things that should not be hastily decided on. Although it is now becoming easier to book for almost any service online, there is still a need to be more thorough in picking the service provider.

Carpentry services are now becoming widely available for booking online. Along with the convenience is also the risk of ending up with the wrong carpenter for the job. So, make sure to take some time to do some of these things prior to finalizing your booking with your carpentry service contractor.

Ask for a Portfolio

While most carpentry websites have their pictures for reference, it still pays to ask for their actual work portfolio. This should contain unpolished photos of the work they have done for various projects in both residential and commercial spaces. This will provide you with an idea of how they work and the kind of people they have worked with in the past.

A portfolio is also a good reference for finalizing your plans for your own project. Their accomplished work will somehow show you how a certain request will look like. If the company you are dealing with can readily give you a portfolio, then chances are you are in good, experienced, and skilled carpentry hands.  

Look for License

In Singapore, several types of builder and construction firms are required to have professional license, especially those that deal with wood works, renovation, electrical services. The license is issued by the Professional Engineers Board (PEB) as a way to secure the safety of the workers and occupants. This is also apart from the required permits in starting a construction.

Since it’s a lot easier to build a company online these days, make sure check their website for any license number. You can also ask this from them, once you are already sure to book their services. Some carpenters may also have their individual license. Ending up with an unlicensed company will lead to unnecessary expenses and wastes resources on your end, so consider this a crucial part of your research.

Communicate Clearly

Make sure to be thorough and specific about what services you need. It will also help if you already have a clear vision of the project that you need to get done, whether it is just a piece of furniture, custom kitchen cabinet, custom bed, built in wardrobe or an entire house renovation package. This way, your contractor will also know that right specialization of carpenter for you. Pictures and samples will also help in levelling off expectations.

If possible, you can also request for a brief interaction with the carpenter to know whether your are on the same page, prior to finalization of the contract. 

Innovativeness over experience

When we search of someone to do the job, we often tend to focus on their years of experience. However, in the field of carpentry, oftentimes the innovativeness of carpenter matters more than the length of their experience. This will assure you of a better and unique design, without compromising functionality. Newer and innovative carpenters are also better able to incorporate various ideas in their work.

If the carpentry company allows it, you can also ask them for an advance quotation, so you can prepare for the expenses ahead.

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